Whitaker, No Thank You

Whitaker neighborhood? Indeed an interesting neighborhood, personally I wouldn’t pick it as a first preference though.

Monday night, we decided to explore The Tiny Tavern, a small bar on Blair Boulevard, Whitaker district. As we slowly closed the car doors and walking towards a dense wooden red door with a broken sign that painted “NO MINORS ALLOWED,” I turned my head in a radar-like motion, scanning the area from left to right. I thought to myself, “oh dear god, bad vibe alert.” We took a deep breath and pushed the door wide open. The clock stopped ticking once we were inside, and all i could see were stares from the people, yes people, just staring away at the two strangers that just awkwardly walked through the door. Joey walked straight to the bar, while I on the other hand just smiled nervously, and said hellooo. That “hellooo” was of course the sound in my head, my mouth remained completely sealed for I quickly followed Joey to the bar. To be honest, I have never been so out of place, monday night at The Tiny Tavern was really something.

So we were at the bar just hanging out, watching the Olympics on the television. With a “journalist attitude” in my head, I thought maybe it was a good idea to start talking to one of these people and get the feel of the atmosphere. Of course, that thought only lasted two seconds for as I turned my head to the left, I saw a decapitated fish. On a sudden move, I sharply turned my head back to the original position, back to staring directly at the beer bottles. Clearly, the man was simply eating his dinner, I just got a little bit freaked out by the greasy hands, and the butchered fish. In less than half an hour, we decided to leave. I, personally, decided as I was driving back to the humble UO district, to never come back to the place, ever. Whitaker I love you but I very much prefer Amazon.

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