Switching it up with Jefferson Westside

After repeatedly venturing out to the hills and trails of Southeast Eugene, Jefferson Westside was a delightfully urban breath of not exactly fresh air. However polluted, the atmosphere and feel of the neighborhood was drastically different from the Southeast. First, there were people out and about. Cars, bikers, and pedestrians casually and noisily roamed the streets with purpose. Lights remained lit despite it being a school night, and human life constantly asserted its presence in the many businesses.

One thriving business, Sweet Life Patisserie was full of life on Monday night. The trendy and sometimes hippie-chic staff greeted customers expectantly, not at all surprised by the overflow of customers in a line that goes out the door. The amber lighting casts flattering shadows on the wide assortment of cakes, cookies, truffles, tartlets, pies, and pastries that sparkled from inside the large glass case. Any dessert (vegan or not) that one could imagine greets them at the front door and demands that you choose it. But it’s impossible to choose…in a timely matter, anyway.

After purchasing an over-dressed, over-sized treat from the selection, one must also decide whether to get coffee. It’s almost impossible to pass up. Everything in the patisserie is a flamboyant, almost terrifying celebration of indulgence. Everything from the pictures on the wall to the sweets themselves make dessert look like an art or pasttime that must be rekindled.

Besides the overwhelming feeling of guilt one must endure after devouring a giant portion of hypothetical marionberry cheesecake, The Sweet Life is known to leave its customers a little too satisfied.

marionberry cheesecake

About jennimo13

My name is Jenni Moore. I'm a Journalism student at the University of Oregon with a focus in magazine and a minor in Multimedia Arts. I love exercise, animals, volleyball, music, fashion, food and pop culture. I maintain a fairly liberal standpoint on almost every issue. I have a boyfriend name Philip and I hope to get a puppy in about a year. I'm enjoying growing up and am getting closer to getting my very own apartment by myself. It's scary stuff, but it's also very exciting!
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