Sweet Life


By: Jaimie Goldstein


Man, have I been missing out on the sweet life.  Southeast Eugene is nothing compared to the lively Jefferson Westside. 

Monday night was crowded with people at Sweet Life Patisserie.  After getting rockstar parking, I immediately wanted to order a dessert, and this place had tons.  Ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins – you name it, they had it.  And it’s all organic.  One cupcake that I was going to order didn’t have any animal products in it. (I advised myself against that choice since I eat a lot of dairy.)

oatmeal choco chip

The friendly employees joyfully took my order: an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!  (They also informed me that marionberry is native to Oregon.  I keep hearing about this “marionberry” and I was curious as to what it was.) 

I sat down right in the middle of a sea of people.  I noticed the originality of the corner dessert store.  Orange – my favorite color – painted walls over brick, with framed pictures and a giant mirror hanging on them.  The atmosphere was inviting.

After noticing the building’s fashion, I noticed the people’s fashion.  They came here on dates, dressed in nice boots and sweaters.  They wore trendy bohemian clothing that fit well with the trendy bohemian style of the place.  I only saw a few people wearing Oregon sweatshirts.  Even the employees wore earrings to compliment their fashion sense.

This was a nice change; a place where people cared about their appearance enough to look decent.  It reminded me of a city – a place that I actually want to go back to.

unattended white Guess bag

As I was finishing up my chewy cookie, I noticed a girl with a really cute white Guess bag.  And I thought, “You’d never see that in Southeast Eugene.”

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