Southeast Eugene gets a bad rap

After getting to know our neighborhood pretty well over the past seven weeks, Mckenna, Maddie and I started over in a foreign neighborhood. Taking a break from Sunday homework, the three of us got a chance to enjoy the sun in the Southeast, Eugene neighborhood.

A flowery tree on Amazon dr.

A unanimous choice for the worst neighborhood (we had the last pick), Southeast had attractive qualities that made our journey more enjoyable than originally envisioned.

When first arriving to the neighborhood as we crossed 30th, we noticed immediately a well maintained jogging path that stretched along both sides of a shallow creek. Cherry blossoms gave us early signs of spring as they lined the side of East Amazon dr. near the path. Runners, dog walkers and cyclist moved back and forth enjoying the good Sunday weather.

Although the strong sense of community and thriving locally owned businesses weren’t as prominent as the Whiteaker neighborhood, the Southeast area still had businesses that attracted our attention. Mazzi’s was a place that we all wanted to eat at. A sign advertised a farmers market on Saturday, while a self service dog wash occupied the building next store.

Oddly craving a Twinkie, I convinced the group to venture into the Dari Mart. For some absurd reason the Dari Mart didn’t carry Twinkie’s. I wasn’t that disappointed though because Twinkie’s kind of suck.

After quite a bit of walking we decided to end our relationship with Southeast, Eugene. Much like a bad rebound, the Southeast had attractive features, but in the end really didn’t match up to the original. None the less our time there wasn’t as bad as the reputation. I might even take a trip out there on the next sunny day and go for a run under the cherry blossoms.

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