Neighborhood Switch: Jefferson Westside to Friendly

I got a change of scenery in Friendly neighborhood this week. Before I stopped anywhere I spent a lot of time driving around in circles trying to figure out if I was still within the neighborhood boundaries. My gas light came on after awhile and that inspired me too figure make up my mind. I ended up stopping at The Loft for a Bloody Mary to relieve the anxiety of being clueless outside of the Jefferson Westside neighborhood.

The first thing I noticed upon entering The Loft was an awesome piano with a for sale sign hanging on it. The place was fairly empty when I arrived so I just seated myself.  I ordered my Bloody Mary with a salted rim and extra spice, and some jalapeno poppers. My waiter got  my drink and food to me relatively quickly. My drink was mixed just right, and was served with a banana pepper, an olive, and a slice of lemon as garnish. The jalapeno poppers were served with a sweet green salsa that was very good. The sweetness and texture of the salsa reminded me of chutney. Up until this point everything was good, but after I finished my food, Bloody Mary, and water my waiter decided to abandon me for a really long time. My water was never refilled, and my waiter didn’t bring me water to begin with until I asked for it. I can deal with slow service when an establishment is busy, but I was one of 3 occupied tables in the whole place. After waiting upwards of 15 minutes for my bill I eventually had to walk downstairs and ask the bartender for my check. When my waiter saw me getting my check he took the time to give  me a dirty look, then continued chatting with his friend as he had been doing for the majority of the time I was at The Loft.

That said, The Loft has good food and drinks at reasonable prices, but the service on Monday nights is slow. As for my waiter, I would just like to say that being a grad student with a cool haircut isn’t a substitution for decent service. I had fun spending time in Friendly neighborhood, but I miss Jefferson Westside.

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