Neighborhood Swap: Tiny Tavern

By Joseph Geglia

Tiny Tavern, located on Blair Boulevard between 3rd and 4th Avenue is not the place you would typically find two undergraduates on a Monday night. Yet that is where Kan and I decided to go after Ryan, of the Whiteaker group, said it would be “an awesome place to visit.”

The first word that came to mind when Kan and I entered Tiny’s was “salty.” Immediately to our right was a row of booths covered in cheap white vinyl, each with its share of miscellaneous stains and tears. To our left was a row of video lottery games, a man with a scarred neck and hands covered in tattoos played away, occasionally cursing. In the center was the bar. Seated were five men, to the far left was a man wearing a plain read sweatshirt with leather patches and a small fedora, he was the closest to our age. Between him and the end of the bar were four others, their ages seemed to range from early 50’s to early 60’s.

Kan and I sat down two stool in the center of the two groups of  men. The bartender, a blonde man in his late 20’s asked us for our ID’s while he got us our drinks. As he milled about the bar attending to the men a black lab walked back and forth between his feet.

After we each got out drinks and relaxed the place seemed to lighten a bit. Though we couldn’t have looked more out of place amongst these blue-collared individuals we were able to make light conversation about the curling match that was playing on the television. The man to our immediate left, who only identified himself as Aaron, kept up a steady flow of pleasant conversation about the match, occasionally interrupting the conversation to go out to his car and grab some more fish to eat.

Though I had never before been to a bar like Tiny Tavern I left feeling more comfortable with the place then when I entered. Despite the differences in age and dress it seems that a good beer and a good game of curling is all it takes for a pleasant evening drink.

About reporting1joey

I'm a Junior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communication
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