Jefferson Westside Neighborhood: Cherry Blossom Told Us Arrival of Spring

By Seiga Ohtani

The sky was clear, and whether was nice to go for a walk outside. But new neighborhood somehow made me nervous. This might be because I could not imagine how Jefferson Westside Neighbors looked like. I could research in advance where it was and what kind of things were famous there. But there was one proverb in my head: Seeing is believing.

In fact, Jefferson Westside Neighborhood told me that spring has come. On Monday afternoon, after the only class on Monday, I visited my new neighborhood  on foot by myself. It was pretty close from the University of Oregon campus. I headed to west along with 13th Avenue, and turned left at the corner of Willamet Street, and eventurally I was at 17th Avenue and Olive Street where the neighborhood started.

I soon realized there were a lot of cherry trees at a residential are  in Jefferson Westside. Few apartment was there, but a house stood in a row. Along with these houses, cherry trees are already in full blossom now. Those trees decorated the scene beautifully. But I hit on one question: Isn’t it too early? Maybe yes. Those trees mistook a season for blossom for spring. We are still in February, and winter in Eugene looks like continue a little more. But good whether made people active, happy, ambitous, or relieved about gloomy rain.

In Jefferson Westside Neighborhood, there were some scenes that proved this fact. Family played at the Charnel Mulligan Park which was located between 16th and 17th Avenue and between Charnelton and Lincoln Street. Father watched his sun’s playing on a slide. Also, in the park, a man was enjoyining his studying under the brighter sunshine with sunglasses on his eye. The scene described a symmetry the family and the man in studying.

About seigaohtani

Seiga Ohtani is a public relations professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
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