From Whiteaker to SE Eugene

I’ll be honest, last week in class when we had to switch neighborhoods I was not very enthused. You see, I’ve simply fallen for the Whiteaker neighborhood – head over bare feet. However, I bolstered some enthusiasm by assuring myself that the switch was only temporary, and in a week I could return to the beloved Whit.

For the time being, though, I had to venture into uncharted territories: Southeast Eugene. I hadn’t heard the greatest things about the area. Apparently there’s a big hill, and a Dari Mart, or so I’d been told. Compared to Whiteaker I thought the neighborhood would be quite dull, but I’ve also proven myself to be extremely biased. So I thought I would try to explore Southeast with an open mind.

On Sunday, Ryan, McKenna, and I drove to our new neighborhood. It was a perfect day. Spring was in the air. We came upon a jogging path when we entered the neighborhood. As is typical on any sunny day in Eugene, people were out enjoying the weather. Runners and cyclists, and people walking their dogs all enjoyed the well- maintained path.

We also visited the Dari Mart (so there is one there? I wasn’t surprised), for a quick pit stop. We wanted to eat at Mazzi’s, a local Italian restaurant, but resisted. I’ve been there before, after all. But now I’ll remember to put it on the list for the next date night. We saw a sign that promoted the Saturday Farmer’s Market in the neighborhood. It gave the sense that Southeast was more of a community, than just another area in Eugene.

Local restaurant Mazzi's, in Southeast Eugene.

We enjoyed our walk on the lovely (early) spring day, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Southeast neighborhood. Maybe the weather helped, but it was a nice outing on a Sunday afternoon. I won’t lie, though, I’m eager to return to the Whit, especially if the weather stays nice!

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