Neighborhood Switch: From Friendly to Amazon

By Chelsea Bishop

Amazon neighborhood‘s Sundance Natural Foods is in a modest building covered in fliers for various events and classes. There’s also a large machine that provides filtered water for 25 cents. While from the outside it doesn’t look like much, once Kayla, Susie and I open the doors and go inside I am immediately impressed with the vast variety of products in the busy, brightly lit store.

To the right of the doors is a great produce section, filled with lettuce, all kinds of mushrooms, and an impressive selection of apples and oranges. Homemade signs, drawn on with markers, indicate what’s what in the baskets of produce and give the store a relaxed and intimate feel. I ask one of the employees how the mandarins are, and instead of guessing he simply peels one open, eats a piece, and gives me one too.

Bob Marley is singing on the store’s radio as I admire the bulk section of the store; bins filled with flour, pasta, rice, nuts, yeast, popcorn, granola… you name it, Sundance probably has it in one of those containers. Tons of variations of dairy-free milk alternatives made of soy, rice, oat, and even hemp line six rows of shelves, and an entire section of the store is devoted to vitamins and organic beauty supplies.

Nearly everything in Sundance is either organic or made from natural ingredients, which results in slightly higher costs than your average Safeway. But I would have to say that the products are definitely worth the prices!

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