Neighborhood Blog: Sundance Natural Foods

Susie, Chelsea and I explored Amazon neighborhood this evening and came across Sundance Natural Foods. The store definitely has a “hippie” feel to it. Posters and ads plaster the walls outside and large tapestries and ornaments hang from the ceiling. The most surprising thing about the market was that at 6 p.m. it was still very busy. Customers perused the aisles of fresh fruits, natural medicines and cosmetics.

At the far right of the store is a salad bar, where you can choose one of the sizes of boxes and fill it with greens, veggies, tofu and dressings of your choice. Behind the salad bar is a large selection of organic beers and wines. Fresh produce is piled high with all kinds of exotic fruits such as kumquats and star fruits. Since they are organic no pesticides or hormones are used when they’re grown.


Behind the registers are shelves packed with different kinds of vitamins, and to our surprise we found that you can sample some. Next to the vitamins are different cosmetics, shampoos and other various types of beauty products.

The left side of the store is dry goods and frozen goods. There’s also a place in the back where you can grind your own peanut butter and fill jars with things such as agave nectar and apple vinegar.

The prices were a little expensive, but that’s the norm for organic foods. The market is actually walking distance from my apartment so I will definitely be coming back for some fresh fruits and veggies sometime soon.

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