Media Analysis: Something I Like

The Things We Don’t Write

By Chris Deppa

For this media analysis assignment I chose a story by Jay Nicholas about the choices writers make about what to tell and what to keep for themselves. I found this piece very interesting, and it made me think about how we make decisions as writers to omit certain things, or to ignore entire subjects all together. In this particular article Nicholas describes a situation where he had a great day fishing and caught a  salmon, but he chose not to write about it. Instead he wrote about a day when he froze his butt off in a boat and didn’t catch anything.

Nicholas chose not to write about the salmon he caught because the experience because he wasn’t comfortable writing about something that had such a profound personal effect on him. He admits to simply being uncomfortable writing about “magical” days on the river. The article made me think about my own writing, and whether I dodge the topics that I am uncomfortable writing about. I like to think that I don’t, but perhaps I do it without even noticing. That is why I really liked this article, it forced me to look at the way my personal beliefs and fears affect my writing.

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