Media Analysis: Serial Killing in Indonesia

“Serial Killing in Indonesia,” a featured clip from reports about a serial killer in Indonesia who has just been recently captured. The killer has been raping and killing kids dated back since 1995. The latest victim, a nine year-old child whose evidence led to the capturing, was found decapitated and headless. The killer confessed of this recent killing and owned up to all the past victims. According to the reporting, the killer was a middle-aged cigarettes vendor and was actually well-known within the community. In fact, he was recognized for his kindness to the children. People said that he would feed the kids, and give them shelters in a fatherly manner. Besides the content of the news, I thought the coverage was well-filmed. There was a variety of scenes and interviews i.e. police, locals in the community, the mother of the victim, and the victim’s friends. The clip gave me an impression that the camera man wasn’t just doing the job of “recording the event,” but actually carefully planned out how and where things would be. For one of the scenes, the reporter started walking from the end of the road, and slowly walked towards the camera as she was explaining the situation. I thought that was a good strategy instead of just capturing a still shooting where the reporter just simply stands still and talks. Clearly, with this particular kinds of news coverage, the camera angles and screenings can’t be too creative or extreme since it is not an art news coverage. However, I thought it was a job well-done. The variety of interviews also broadens the perspective of the story. I particularly like the scene where they interviewed the victim’s friends. It was a scene of children playing music, and jamming with broken guitars and home-made drum set on the street. As the camera man scanned the scene, the reporter explained as a voice-over about how the victim was a musician too, he dreamt of being a big rock star when he’s older. In terms of the content, the news really strikes me as a reader. It just shows you how you really can’t trust anyone, like literally no one, which really is a sad fact. When did the world get so cruel!? Perhaps it has always been cruel, I just never realized it.

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