Media Analysis: Miller Wins First Olympic Gold

Since the 2006 Torino games Bode Miller has been critized for his preformance in the men’s alpine skiing events. Miller’s partuing ways and not-so politically correct interviews put him into the spot light for the 200 games. The pressure has been put on Miller ever since he took his first run at Whistler. When athletes win they are the heros of the hour and have the support of the country, and it is expected they live up to their feats. On the contrary any flaws or mistakes, the media jumps on it.

The past ten days since the start of the olympics the media has not missed a day of recapping Miller’s unfortunate memorable runs in Torino. Everything changed on Sunday when Miller won golf in the super combined. An article from TIME Magazine seemed to forget about Miller’s past flaws. Instead they focused on his 32 career victories. His quotes in the article were very “un-miller like” as they described.

In the past few years Miller has made what some would consider poor choices, and made some comments that have sparked quiet the debates about the skiers attitude. Both print and news stories use quotes and actions to fit the angle of their story. For Miller, he has been put in the public eye like any other celebrity and the slightest flaw gives the media plethora of information to run amok with.

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