I’d Rather Stay in Amazon

I was slightly excited to venture into a new neighborhood this week. Though when I saw my schedule for the week (and weekend) I didn’t know when I would find time to seek out a new neighborhood. I decided to use my resources and get some advice. Assuming Ryan knew a good deal about the Whiteaker neighborhood I asked him when a good place to be to get good information in a short amount of time. Being the kind person Ryan is he drew me a map and located points of interest that I could go to. Turns out Ryan’s map was not helpful, nor were his directions of “go down the angled street.” At this moment I turned to my helpful navigational device. After talking in class about the great coffee at the Wandering Goat Cafe I decided to go there. Oh wait, their address was unavailable. Plan 2: New Day Bakery. This time I knew this was near Papa’s Soul Food, which was already programed into my GPS. I followed the British woman’s voice who was screaming at me to “turn left, then turn left.” Next she says “arriving at destination on right.” I looked to my right, I was on 12th and Lincoln outside of the Eugene Weekly. This was not my destination.

The Whiteaker by: Ryan

I put my GPS in the glovebox and decided to use my own instincts to find the neighborhood. Shortly I came upon a sign that said “Welcome to the Whiteaker Neighborhood.” In the same area was the Red Barn Natural Grocery store, convenient because I needed some groceries anyways. I parked in the Tiny Tavern parking lot across the street and decided to walk. I had been advised that the Tiny Tavern was probably not the place I wanted to hang out alone. I could tell by the parking lot. A group of older men stood outside the bar staring at me, one whistled. At this point I would rather be buying flowers and coffee at the corner of 24th and Hilyard in the Amazon neighborhood.

I went inside the Red Barn store and bought a few pieces of fruit. Turns out there is also a small cafe in the back corner with a few select pastries and ice cream. I bought myself a latte, in hope of it keeping me awake for the coming hours of homework.

I was rather confused by the Whiteaker. It was different than many parts of Eugene. During my time there I encounter nine cop cars. At least it seems to be a well patrolled area.

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1 Response to I’d Rather Stay in Amazon

  1. ryanimondi says:

    I’d rather…never help Whitney again

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