My Relationship Status on Facebook? Who knew that was a story idea.

When Martin Baron came to the University of Oregon last year to discuss the shrinking newsroom , he did mention having to cut down on overseas correspondents. However, he did not mention that the Boston Globe has an entire section in their newspaper devoted to dating. I can’t help but wonder how budget cuts must have affected that section.

The Boston Globe’s relationship section caught my attention this evening, but the articles I found in the section were even more intriguing. The at-odds couple is a story about Facebook. I didn’t know a couple’s choice to  post their relationship status on Facebook was a story idea. Turns out that it is.

Beth Teitell tells the story of several couples who can’t compromise on how private their life as a couple should be. Many of the anecdotes she used revealed a gap in philosophy. One partner was very devoted to the idea of sharing their lives on Facebook, where the other partner was not as comfortable with the over share. Some couples even reported having fights over whether or not to post pictures of themselves on trips.

The reason I was attracted to this story was two-fold. First, I loved how Teitell uses something that many people deal with each day as a story idea. I know that my boyfriend and I have had conversations about sharing our feelings over Facebook before. Today, Facebook is another relationship frontier that must be explored fully. The second reason that I enjoyed this story was that Teitell used the story not to make any grand announcement about new scientific findings, she used anecdotes to run the story. There are few reporters that are confidents and complete enough writers to do that. I  thought that her story was well written even though it did not have any timely reason to be published.

Her story was a fresh idea that I had not seen e

xplored before. It would make a great story for any paper. To be honest I am a little frustrated that I didn’t think of it on my own.

About Lauren Fox

I am a writer, a runner and a life observer. I love and value all people and have fallen in love with real journalism, the kind that influences people to think differently about the world they live in and the people they think they know. I used to believe I was meant to be a teacher, but I have learned that a good journalist is a teacher; They teach humanity and their classroom is the world.
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