Media Analysis

By: Jaimie Goldstein

After being on Twitter for a few days, I started following every fashionista I could find.  I came across The Haute Pursuit, a twenty-something-year-old girl who writes her own fashion blog about “all things cool, glam, and rock and roll.”  The blog follows Vanessa, a girl obsessed with fashion, art, and film, and who shows off her amazing style in photo after photo.

The blog instantly grabbed my attention because of the writing – and, of course, the stylish photos.   Vanessa talks to you, asking the readers for their opinions.

She usually has a photograph and then text that follows the photo to describe her thoughts on how the perfectly styled outfit came about.  She also directs her own photo shoots in which she models from her own closet.  She explains where the idea came from and how it was executed.

I admire her free mind and fashion sense.  She has introduced many different clothes that I never would have expected to like.

One entry caught my eye – Flower Girl DIY.  Vanessa talks about her need for DIYs.  She makes her own floral headbands, which reminded me of Diane Von Furtsenburg‘s floral headbands and my extreme desire to own one.  So if Vanessa can make them, I can make them.

Vanessa’s writing draws me in because I can relate to her.  I see my writing, my thoughts, in her blog entries.  She also has multiple photos for one entry, including more text to compliment the extra photos.

In Flower Girl DIY, Vanessa describes a pair of 70s platforms.  She showed them to her mom only to realize that her mom had the exact same color and size platforms when she was Vanessa’s age, which reminded me of how I steal all of my mom’s clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelery from back in the day.

The Haute Pursuit is a blog about chic fashion that I can go to when I’m stumped about what to wear.  And its relatable writing and fashionable photos makes dressing myself ten times easier.

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