Blobfish are real!

Suzi may be the best at finding creepy arachnids, but I’m pretty sure I found the creepiest looking fish in the world. As I was browsing articles on the USA Today website I came across none other than: the blobfish. I originally thought that the article was a joke because it was just such a ridiculous looking thing, but the blobfish really does exist. It’s rarely seen by humans and lives in the waters of Australia and Tasmania. It’s also endangered, so if anyone wants to make “Save the Blobfish” t-shirts I would definitely buy one.

The article by Michael Winter is in response to an article by Los Angeles Times columnist John Kass, who was writing about the government’s efforts to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. Kass’ article was made to mock the government’s paranoia by saying that we should be even more terrified of the blobfish.

Winter starts by summarizing Kass’ article and providing a link to that article. He then provides a chunk of writing from Kass’ article which is in a different font and slightly indented so it’s easy for the reader to see that there is difference between Kass’ and Winter’s writing. The last paragraph of the article has basic facts on the blobfish and a link to an article about how it’s facing extinction.

It was a short article so it was easy to read the entire thing without losing interest. Plus, the close-up of the blobfish made it irresistible to not at least read the first couple paragraphs. Kass’ article was much longer, with no links. It was sarcastic and mocked politicians and if you took the time to read the entire two pages (it’s crazy what’s considered a long story nowadays) it was a pretty funny article.

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  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Is it creepy, or is it a Muppet?! Impressive.

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