Citizens Praise State of the Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union address earns approval among Eugene citizens.

By Kayla Anchell

A survey about President Obama’s State of the Union address found that most Friendly neighborhood residents were impressed with the speech and still confident in the President.

Residents spoke highly of Obama’s intelligence and poise during the speech and many thought that the president could have done little to nothing to improve the message he conveyed to the country.

Nan Hathor said, “He has great skill at not putting people on the defensive. He doesn’t attack and he’s incredibly brilliant in the ability to stack facts in his mind.” Hathor also commended Obama for getting out of the office and interacting with people on a more personal level.

Obama’s command of speech was a recurring theme for citizens as many thought that the State of the Union address was clear and factual. Alan Beck, a former news director at KEZI, said that the speech showed great leadership. Beck said, “Obama really stepped up to the plate at the right moment.”

Because Eugene is a fairly liberal town, most citizens already had a high opinion of the president, and they said that the speech only reaffirmed what they previously believed.

For the most part, Friendly area residents felt that Obama covered all issues equally. Ben Kintner, an employee at Market of Choice said, “I liked it a lot. He touched well on all the key issues going on right now.” Kintner said wished that the President would have spoken more about tax relief and breaks for students though, “I guess this relates more to me as a college student,” Kintner added.

Another issue that Hathor thought that Obama could have expounded on was health care. It was a point of concern for Hathor, she said, “People spent two times this year what they did last year for health care.”

Input on the address was mostly positive, but the speech didn’t make Friendly neighborhood residents feel more comfortable about the state of the economy. Conversely, it didn’t make them feel less assured either. With worries about health care, tax breaks for students, and the economy, praise still far outweighed criticism.

Hathor thought that during the Republican caucus Obama “blew them out of the water” and Beck said, “No president has had his wit since Kennedy.”

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