State of the Union, Less than Inspiring

Amazon residents weigh in on the 2010 State of the Union Address

By: Whitney Highfield

Amazon neighborhood residents passing by the Sundance Natural Foods Store on Thursday, Jan 19, were not surprised by Obama’s State of the Union Address the night before. Those who found the time to watch the 70-minute speech, some felt Obama’s words may have been well-spoken but not necessarily inspiring.

Robby Hudson decided to read the speech rather then watch the televised version. Hudson noticed a shift in Obama’s vision for a movement to create a new reality and fresh world. “It seems like he has gone from empowered to acting out of defense,” said Hudson.

Obama’s focus on the current economic problems and helping small businesses addressed his original campaign for change. Acknowledging the continual closing of businesses and rising unemployment rate Obama said, “For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough.”

Despite Obama recognizing Americans’ immediate need for change, Hudson was not completely impressed with Obama’s focus. “I think the focus needs to be on the future. I was not inspired by it,” said Hudson.

Obama’s speech that was mainly focused on the economy but also addressed the militarys’ “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. “Maybe I don’t know enough but the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was repeated a lot and I haven’t heard a lot about that before,” said Zack Ham.

The D.A.D.T policy has been a topic of controversy both in and outside of the military. During the speech, Obama pledged to end the D.A.D.T. Some military officials say because of D.A.D.T. capable soldiers have been forced out of the military. If Obama follows through on eliminating the D.A.D.T. policy the pool for eligible applicants will increase.

Ham also noticed Obama’s call for bipartisan help. “He was definitely aligning for Democrats and Republicans were not too sympathetic,” said Ham.

Many of the Amazon neighborhood residents were too preoccupied with prior activities to watch the speech. “I wasn’t really aware of when it was one. I’m not into political science so I don’t usually keep track of those kinds of things. I’ve never really paid it much attention,” said Joel Davies.

“He is a good speaker, but there wasn’t anything overwhelmingly surprising,” said Ham.

Fifteen Amazon residents who had been spending their afternoon at the Sundance corner had not watched the State of the Union address. The majority of these people said that they wished they could have had the time to watch it. Others made it very clear they would not spend their time watching the President’s speech.

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