See Amazon Dance!

Looking for something to do at night in the Amazon neighborhood? The Amazon Community Center is the answer. Once again, I was driving around the neighborhood at about seven o’clock, looking for activities to do on such a quiet night. I would have to say that besides the Sundance market area, the Amazon neighborhood is rather dead quiet when it comes to nighttime. I was losing hope for it has been almost 20 minutes and still no sign of something interesting going on in the neighborhood. However, as I was driving along Hilyard St., going further and further towards the back end of the area, I felt rays of this bright neon light reflecting to the back of my eyes. It was a sign! Literally a sign, the brightness of the sign in contrast to this dark rainy sky was almost like the sun shinning as the center of a dark galaxy. I drove closer and closer towards it, it read “Amazon Community Center.” How interesting, I thought to myself. I almost backed the car, thinking that it was just a simple road sign for there couldn’t possibly be people doing community activities in such hour. Once again, I was wrong. The car park was packed with cars, ranging from a mini broken Toyota to a big family van. So, I decided to take a stroll around the area. Unexpectedly, there were events going on, a ballroom lesson taking place. There were people, old, young, middle-aged, all were interacting, dancing, waltzing (assuming from the four square steps). The craft center at the back also had lights on. As I was walking around, there was also music coming from another building. I heard people shouting “1, 2, 3 and 4.” Probably another dance class. The rain started to pour down even more heavily, thus I decided to leave and get back in the car. As I was driving out, there were two more cars driving in through the drive-way. I noticed there were children in the car also. A happy van full of happy children. Oh what a lively neighborhood indeed!

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1 Response to See Amazon Dance!

  1. Kathy says:

    So nice to hear your delight in finding all the activity right in your neighborhood. Thanks for Sharing!

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