Mazzi’s Italian Food: a sensual experience

Mazzi’s dining room

Mazzi’s, an Italian food restaurant in its 40th year, is located on East Amazon Drive. Around 8 o’clock pm on a Monday night, Mazzi’s is humming with the sounds of light chatter and quieted kitchen appliances. The restaurant opens for dinner at 5pm, but customers can get great food at Hideaway Bakery, which is located in the back of the building, beforehand.

The restaurant is cozy and resembles an Italian cottage turned castle with its warm, welcoming lobby entrance and fire pits that are centered in the middle of the dining room. Chandeliers and hanging planters dangle from the ceiling and tables are draped in red tablecloths. Each table has a vase of flowers, a candle, and red checkered napkins that add to the restaurant’s traditional Italian flare.

Mazzi’s complimentary bread

The waitstaff is amiable and attentive as they escort customers to their tables and promptly add complimentary bread baskets to the table settings. On that note, the bread is definitely one of the restaurant’s positive points. The rolls are served hot with butter and the bread is dense and rich in flavor. The scent of basil and parmesan fills the air as waiters and waitresses pass by with trays full of hot pasta and appetizers like calamari and bruschetta.

Hot chocolate

The menu features a wide array of traditional Italian pasta, anti-pasta, pizza, exotic entreés, and calzones. The dessert menu is also appealing; the cheesecake option seems to jump off the page. The breading on the calamari was not as crunchy as one would expect, and it was served with lemon slices and a mayonnaise-based dip with herbs (similar to tartar sauce). Mazzi’s menu had a plethora of options so that almost anyone could find someone of interest to them.


This place would be a great place for a date since it provides romantic lighting, various menu options, warm hospitality and a sensual experience that embodies the flavor and feel of Italy.

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My name is Jenni Moore. I'm a Journalism student at the University of Oregon with a focus in magazine and a minor in Multimedia Arts. I love exercise, animals, volleyball, music, fashion, food and pop culture. I maintain a fairly liberal standpoint on almost every issue. I have a boyfriend name Philip and I hope to get a puppy in about a year. I'm enjoying growing up and am getting closer to getting my very own apartment by myself. It's scary stuff, but it's also very exciting!
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