The Owen Rose Garden in the Whiteaker

The Whiteaker neighborhood is known for its rose gardens, and I had yet to visit them although I have lived in Eugene throughout my college career. Today in the rain around 5:30, I ventured out to the Owen Rose Garden located at the end of Jefferson St. next to the river.

It’s February and I figured there would be no roses blooming, but I can definitely imagine what the rose garden would look like in the spring and  summer. There are green metal arches lining the pathway with dead rose vines intertwining themselves  around them that created an interesting effect. There are benches almost every couple feet and each one has plaques engraved with names of people who have seemed to donated to the park or have deceased. There are even quotes such as “live long, laugh often” engraved on the plaques, and I can see how this place would attract visitors for day outings, or even weddings.  Call 682-4800 to learn more.

The city of Eugene owes its thanks to George E. Owen who donated two acres of riverfront land in 1951 in dedication to his father. The Eugene Rose Society also made this place possible by donating 750 rose bushes to get it started.

There are about 400 varieties of roses at the garden  and the Delta Rotarians committed themselves to making the beatification of the garden a community service project.  After putting in 2,500 working hours, what we see is a beautiful garden lined with pathways lined with arches overhead and a gazebo.

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