Neighborhood Blog: Eugene Coffee Company

The nice weather this weekend led me to the outskirts of Friendly neighborhood to Eugene Coffee Company located on Chambers on 18th. The store was small, but conveniently had a drive-thru and covered outdoor area which seems like the perfect area to enjoy coffee and a pastry during summer months.

The inside was well lit with yellow walls and black trim. The only employee working at that time had propped open the back door to let the breeze in. There were only five people lounging in the store, most in a little area in the corner where there were a couple black couches, a coffee table and bookshelf. They looked comfortable, and one customer even kicked their feet up on the table while he sipped on his coffee. What struck me most as I walked in was the calm vibe. The majority of people there looked to be students and they quietly enjoyed their food and drinks as they worked on laptops or scribbled on notepads.

I went to the counter and ordered a 12 oz cup of coffee, which turned out to be 50 cents because the woman who was working there informed me that it was “happy hour.” I sat down at a table close to where the couches were and tried my drink – not bad for half a dollar.

Despite the inside of the shop being fairly quiet, the drive-thru stayed busy the entire time I was there. It was nice to see that a place other than Starbucks was thriving. Next to the drive-thru window were a few shelves filled with merchandise such as shirts, coffee cups and hats. The walls that weren’t behind the counter had very interesting photographs that upon closer inspection I realized were for sale by local artists.

Eugene Coffee Company may be small, but they are definitely keeping with the times. On the windowsill next to my table I noticed a table advertisement for “Eugene Mobile Coffee Club,” which said that those who joined would get phone updates on deals and coffee specials. The coffee shop has also teamed up with another local store: Off the Waffle. I noticed this as I was pulling away from the store, there was a large banner that read, “Now Serving Off the Waffle.”

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