Chopsticks and Spoons in Jefferson Westside

Korean Cuisine in Jefferson Westside

By Chris Deppa

Since the sun came out today I decided to go by foot into my neighborhood, and I ended up discovering a restaurant that was hidden in plain sight a few blocks from my house. The restaurant is called Chopsticks and Spoons. It is very easy to miss as you speed along seventh avenue, but if you can find it you will not be disappointed. Chopsticks and Spoons has a great menu with many traditional Korean dishes. The menu pictured below just shows the specials, the full menu has many more options.

I ordered the squid and it was spicy and delicious, and came with a generous portion of sticky rice. When I got my food I was pleasantly surprised, because the owner brought me a bowl of bean curd stew for free. He said that he had prepared too much for a to go order and rather than tossing it he brought it out to me. Including a soda my meal was under $8.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Jefferson Westside has an abundance of restaurants for a residential area. Chopsticks and Spoons adds a nice variety to the restaurant choices. I haven’t eaten a lot of Korean cuisine, but I was really impressed by the food here. I suggest stopping by on a cold day and warming up with some spicy food.

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