Media Analysis: Something I Like


Media Analysis For Reporting 1

By Chris Deppa

I read a post on the blog busterwantstofish, and it really rung true with me. The post begins with a great quote about the nature of the wilderness.

“When all the dangerous cliffs are fenced off, all the trees that might fall on people cut down, all of the insects that bite have been poisoned…and all the grizzlies are dead because they are occasionally dangerous, the wilderness will not be made safe. Rather, the safety will have destroyed the wilderness.”

– R. Yorke Edwards

The story goes on to describe the author’s experience while fishing in bear country, and it discusses whether it is good or bad to feel truly comfortable in the wilderness. While the author is fishing he comes upon bear tracks on the bank, and he considers the many different scenarios that could come about if the bear were to return. Most of them are not good, and would probably result in the author involuntarily participating in the lower links of the food chain, but he likes that fact. The reason we seek out the wilderness is because it hasn’t been tamed by police, social norms, corporate lobbyists, and safety boards. If a time comes when a person can wander isolated streams in Alaska with total confidence that no harm could possibly come to them then the wilderness is truly dead, and this is the point the author makes very well in the story he wrote.

I like this story for a myriad of reasons, but the main one is that it isn’t a boiled down news story on bear attacks in the Alaskan brush, but it isn’t a flowery overly-romanticized fiction story about the wonders of nature either. It manages to balance somewhere in the middle, and that is not easy ground to find. I think this story is a good example of why so many people are turning to blogs for daily reading. In one place I can read a story like this which makes me contemplate the world in a philisophical manner, and on the same site I can get detailed fishing reports and hard news articles. Most importantly I can get all of this in a constantly updated and easy to read format.

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