Media Analysis: Day of Love

With this day of love upon us, I couldn’t help but not write about an article centered around Valentine’s Day. While I was waiting for my dad to get ready to go out breakfast, I started reading the lifestyle section of The Register Guard. The feature article, “All You Need Is Love”, covered about three-fourths of the page with its colorful pictures and ideas. The article provided some ideas and activities for people that are struggling to think of something to do on this day.

What I really like about this article was the format. Instead of sticking to a paragraph format, the author choose to display the ideas in a list with bullet points. I think this fits well with the content of the article because it allows the author to list many different options. If it were to be in the format of a typical news article, it would be difficult to fit as many ideas. The author may have had room to only discuss a few ideas with more detail. Instead many different ideas were presented, and there is something for everyone.

Despite not having a Valentine, I was still interested in reading the ideas. What I really liked about the activities was that they were things that weren’t really fancy, and they could be done with friends and family also, instead of just a significant other. An article is always more popular when it can attract multiple groups of people, rather than just focus on the people that are madly in love. I would be willing to try many of the ideas mentioned in the article, regardless of what day it is.

The accompanying pictures caught my eye at first, before I noticed the article itself. The pictures were colorful and displayed locations that I am familiar with, such as Belknap Hot Springs, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and Mt. Pisgah. They really add to the article because right away there is this sense of romance and fun adventures. I was interested to see how the online version of this article compared to the print, so I made my way to I was a little disappointed that there were no pictures, and the list format no longer had bullet points. Instead, each idea was a separate paragraph. I didn’t like this because it wasn’t as obvious that it was a list, and it looked like just a bunch of ideas thrown together. I definitely prefer the print version.

Overall, I really enjoyed the article. It was fun, engaging, and appealing to a lot of individuals. Long after Valentine’s Day has passed, I think I will do some of these activities on a boring Sunday afternoon.

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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