Media Analysis

By: Jaimie Goldstein

After searching the internet for a blog that I actually liked, I came across a newcomer at 944 Magazine writing her own blog called  “The Luxe Life.”  Caitlyn Chase is a twenty-two-year-old from Los Angeles informing the public about the luxuries in life that we must enjoy: fashion, food, entertainment, travel.  I love it – all my favorite things!

Chase writes about relevant issues like the economy.  Many designers are coming together to sell things for less.  In one post called Look Luxe for Less, Chase says that H&M collaborates with heavy-weights like Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, and Karl Lagerfeld to create high fashion ensembles on the cheap – “making chic fashion affordable.”

In a post regarding news, Chase says that Diane Von Furtsenburg is honoring powerful women on March 13 with the help of the UN through her fund Vital Voices and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA.)  Chase acknowledges accomplished women for what they can do to help other women.

In another post, Chase talks about Christian Louboutin shoes in which she loves.  She calls them works of art for your feet.  That is exactly what I think fashion is – art.  Wearable art.  I don’t think these shoes are made affordable, but still it’s great to fantasize about art on my feet. 

I really like the way this blog is written because it’s from the perspective of a girl, my age, with a lot of the same interests.  She writes about clothes, art, film, watches, and more clothes.  Chase works for my dream magazine, which makes me a little jealous – okay, a lot jealous – and I think I can learn a lot from a blog about fashion for fashionistas.  The posts are short and to the point, and have humor and personality weaved within the words.  I like reading stories from a person’s perspective, to see things through another’s eyes.  Maybe with all this blogging for class, I’ll have a fashion blog of my own for my favorite magazine!

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