Frustrated Snowboaders

From the New York Times, “Snowboarders Report Poor Halfpipe Condition” by John Branch explains in certain details how poor weather in West Vancouver has caused frustrations for the athletes competing in the Olympics. Branch said that due to rain and warm weather in the past days, the halfpipe venue at Cypress was deemed as unsafe. Branch quoted a few American snowboarders in his article. As a general analysis, this was a somewhat fair reporting from Branch. The content is quite practical, it gives the readers exact information in terms of what is expected from the heading. However, in order to be able to claim that “snowboarders report poor halfpipe condition,” Branch would need to interview more people rather than just interviewing two American athletes. The article would have been able to provide a much larger perspective if the article had included other athletes’ opinions as well, perhaps those from other nations. Another thing that Branch could have added in his coverage was perhaps a scientific source, a proof of how the weather is causing such effect. Perhaps Branch could have interviewed an expert on the area to explain how this “poor” snow condition was warned as unsafe, rather than just saying that it’s too soft in the article. Also when Branch touched upon his point on how the “first day for a halfpipe is usually the worst,” it would have been better if he added a more reliable explanation to his claim. Overall the quality of the article is considered as Ok, it is somewhat informative and contains a neutral tone of voice, simply fair reporting. However, more specific information is needed in order to strengthen the content.

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