Economics and Amazon

The country’s economics down, but the Amazon neighborhood can still find ways to sustain.

By Kanyapak Wuttara

The fallen economics cut deep in the heart of America. Nevertheless, American citizens aren’t giving up without a fight. The Amazon neighborhood, a small community in Eugene, OR, still managed to find ways to sustain even if certain expenses had to be cut down. Employees and business owners agreed that the economics had definitely affected the community. Some may have to tighten their budgets and adapt new lifestyles, though this particular neighborhood can still find ways to stay solvent and live on.

The people of the Amazon neighborhood claim that the economics have greatly affected their usual ways of living. Thus, when such changes occur, people are starting to adapt a new lifestyle, a more sufficient lifestyle where one spends less. Having said that, like a chain effect, business owners too are now adapting to this new situation in order to maintain profits. April Bacas, manager and designer at the flower store Rhythm & Blooms had to lower prices in order to increase more sales. “Yes, more people are buying smaller things, and for wedding less people are buying in bulk. More people are doing the arrangement themselves,” said Bacas.

Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, a local bicycle store, is also experiencing similar problems. “For sure, people now cut back on spending money, and cutting back on recreation,” said Joe Peck, the manager of store. However, unlike other shops, Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life has higher advantage than others for people are finding cheaper ways to get around town. What do you look for when the gas price goes up? Bicycles. “I wouldn’t say that our business is recession proof, but I would say that we’re doing far to ok, people are trying to find less expensive ways to get around town, so they take a bus, or bike,” said Peck.

Small businesses located around the neighborhood are also cutting down expenses. Andrew Harmon, an employee at Sundance and Amazon resident, said that the store is now cutting down and changing the way of the productions, how they shop and grow food. Though, regardless of the downfall of the store, in terms of personal effects, Harmon also agreed on the struggles. “My hours have been cut back for me at work due to down sales, so I have to tighten my budget,” said Harmon.

Though, not all local businesses here in the neighborhood are coping with the situation. Some small businesses are experiencing more difficulties than others. Peter Ogura, the owner of Black Sun Books, has been carrying out this business for almost 18 years. He said that the store has definitely been negatively affected in the past year from the economics recession. “In the last 18 years, there has been some fluctuation. 2008 wasn’t bad but 2009 was much slower,” added Ogura. Having to deal with the country’s economics is one thing, having to adapt to this new world is another thing, Ogura explains that people nowadays would rather shop online than come to the store and buy their books. “People 35 years old and younger have no problem buying online, but they also don’t understand supporting local businesses. When you can buy it on your computer or phone it is just too easy. It is also a personal choice and can be equated with freedom,” said Ogura.

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