A Positive Outlook in Amazon

Residents and businesses are feeling the pressure but see better times ahead.

By: Joseph Geglia

Despite the recent economic downturn the Amazon neighborhood remains cautiously optimistic about the future.

As our country is still in the grips of this latest recession both the residents and businesses in Amazon have scaled back budgets it order to accommodate these tough economic times.

“Yes, more people are buying smaller things, and for weddings less people are buying in bulk. More people are doing the arrangements themselves,” said April Bacas, the manager of Rhythm and Bloom, a local flower shop located next to the Humble Bagel. “The store has definitely been negatively affected in the past year by the economy,” said Peter Ogura, owner of Black Sun Books, located at 2467 Hilyard Street.

Residents are also feeling the pinch as Amazon resident and Sundance Market employee Andrew Harmon stated “My hours have been cut back for me at work due to down sales, so I have had to tighten my budget.”

In order to meet the challenges of today’s economy storeowners are employing different tactics to keep their businesses afloat. The manager of Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, Joe Peck, talked about he’s expanded his advertising efforts “We’ve put advertisement in the student survival guide, Eugene Weekly, and the Oregon Daily Emerald, just to let people know that we’re here.”

Peter Ogura has cut back on expenses in order to curtail running costs, while April Bacas has lowered her prices to attract more customers “…we’ve always offered bouquets, now we’ve been selling five-dollar bouquets. The least expensive ones we sold used to be $7.50.”

Despite the cutbacks that have been made people remain calm about today and cautiously optimistic about the future. “I wouldn’t say that our business is recession proof, but I would say that we’re doing fair to ok,” said Mr. Peck, adding, “As a whole, ours is doing ok. I’m sure the economy will resolve in time. We’re not selling as many bikes as before, but we can still maintain profits to stay solvent.”

When talking about the future Ms. Bacas was optimistic as well “I see quadruple the sales. Come on, no but seriously we’ve seen an up tick in sales recently. We’ve seen a lot of new faces more and more.”

Though people are finding themselves with less money their feelings toward Amazon haven’t changed a bit. “What I like about this place is that it’s diverse, vibrant, not quiet, but unique,” said Andrew Harmon. “I wanted to be in this neighborhood … it is like the University of Oregon neighborhood without being 13th Avenue or Franklin, which is good,” said Peter Ogura.

About reporting1joey

I'm a Junior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communication
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