Science Steps Up

“How the mind can move objects,” a news clip from CNN explains literally how a human mind can move objects! A brain-based computer technology company named NeuroSky has recently invented a device that detects human brain waves and use them as a mean to control objects. Ladies and gentlemen, sci-fi movies are soon to become reality! When I first stumbled across the link, I thought it was just an exaggerated heading. It is just impossible to move things without touching the object, it is just not logical. In order for an object to move, a force must apply, simple science. But, when I saw the clip I was like NOO WAYY, wow for once the heading was not an exaggeration. According to the clip, NeuroSky is now thinking about adapting this technology to things like video games and reality TV shows. First of all, I’d like to say that the feature was well-created. The information for the audience contains both sides of the perspectives; one being similar to like an advertisement for the technology, and another being like an opposing thoughts or warnings. One hand, as they explained, the technology could be a crucial transformation for the world for it could be like a gateway to many other new technologies (think Star Wars). The technology clearly has a very high potential, the world could change completely if the device is fully licensed. It could be used to save lives in terms of preventing drowsiness while driving. The device would be built in the car and will be able to detect brain waves, thus it will detect whether the brain is tired or not. However, the news clip also provided another side of the perspectives, perhaps a potential danger if the technology rests in the hands of someone like a terrorist, which I thought it was a very important point mentioned. Please go watch! It is soo cool!

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