Media Analysis: Strength Training

Last Monday The Register Guard published an article about exercising, specifically strength training. Writing about exercise can be a rather dry subject and overlooked. The last thing some people, such as myself, want to do is read about exercise. It is hard to be motivated to work out, and reading about it is just another reminder that you are slacking. However, the article, “Muscle work”, didn’t seem like it was wagging its finger at me for not exercising everyday. Instead, the article discussed how strength training can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the gym and the multiple benefits.

Strength Training

The article also mentioned the different types of exercises people can do, such as using bottles filled with sand for weights. The article included some recommendations for how much time and reps a person should spend doing strength training. The author used local references from the YMCA and Eugene Swim & Tennis Club for specific details about strength training and gym memberships. I like that the author used quotes from local gyms because it not only tells the community where they can work out, but also that the article wasn’t relying on one of those nationally produced surveys. Sometime those surveys can be helpful, but using local sources is a lot more relatable.

The thing I like most about this article is the amount of information it includes. It remains very well rounded without being overwhelming. There is information for people at all levels of strength training. Whether you want to know about the amount of reps recommended or the benefits of strength training, there is something for everyone.

Exercising can be intimidating and difficult to implement in your schedule, but this article tries to get people to take the first step.

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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