Arts Administration Panel Live Blog!

Hey #J361! Today, Feb. 4, you’ll be participating in a CoverItLive event. I’ve set it up to pull tweets from your accounts (and mine) during the time of the blog, roughly 1:45 pm to 3:30 pm. Those on the panel are Serena Markstrom, who writes about music and entertainment for The Register-Guard; your classmate Lauren Fox, who edits the Oregon Daily Emerald‘s Scene (and the ODE Magazine too!); and yours truly, the performing and visual arts editor at The Eugene Weekly.

We were asked by Darrel Kau, the director/program coordinator for the UO Cultural Forum and an adjunct instructor in the UO’s Arts and Administration Program, to be part of a panel about how arts journalists do our work. Because his class begins at the same time as our class and because you need experience with live blogs, here we are! It is OK to post to the live blog from Twitter (that is, your phones). Please use the hashtags #J361 and/or #ArtsAdmin!

WordPress does not support frames within its posts, so when you click on the “Click Here” link below, a window for the live blog will pop up (starting around 1:45 pm). That’s where you should post comments. Remember to keep it clean and relevant. The live blog will pull in *all* of your tweets (except direct messages) during the time that it’s open and running. Others may participate, including those from the class where we have our panel. Please allow the class members to ask questions first, and I think that Darrel will also open it up to your questions when they’ve gotten through theirs. Welcome to live blogging!

Click Here

About Suzi Steffen

Suzi Steffen teaches, writes, edits, reviews and rides (her adult tricycle named Momo) in Eugene, Oregon. For many years, she taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. As of fall 2015, she's teaching at Linn-Benton Community College, and as of fall 2017, she's also teaching at Wenatchee Valley College in Washington State. Suzi edited Lane Monthly and works as an arts journalist across the state and country. You can find her at jprofsuzi on Twitter or email her at jprofsuzi at gmail dot com.
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