Scene Assignment

Turtles Bar and Grill

6:00 Three elderly, two kids and I adult sit at a table eating dinner. One of the kids sips his drink through a red straw while writing in a notebook; it appears to be homework.

6:01 Server refills the drink for the boy writing in the notebook.

6:03 Portland Trail Blazers are playing on the T.V. in the corner of the restaurant, and the score is 90-88. The Blazers are winning with 1:18 left in the fourth quarter

6:06 Young couple sitting next to us discuss the food and other things

“I ate a lot more than I thought I would”

“The hummus platter is delicious”

Moments later they are talking about something else….

“You have a boyfriend! Hands off!”

6:09 Adult man talks to the younger girl at his table with a mouth full of potatoes while flailing his arms around.

6:13 Server wipes down table across the room

6:13 Another server asks a different table, “May I get this out of the way for you?”  She then asks, “How as it?” The visitor responds by saying great and then asks her partner if he is done also.

6:13 Chatting, laughter, and loud music fill the room.

6:14 An elderly woman twirls her napkin while waiting for the check. The check comes and she studies it for a while before deciding to pay with cash, and then waits for her friend to return [from the bathroom possibly].

6:15 Mother, father and son enter the restaurant. The mother directs the very young boy to the table by repeating to him “take a left”.

6:16 Bartender fills glass with ice and adds some kind of liquor

6:20 Martini glass filled with yellow liquid, could be Lemon Drop, delivered to a middle-aged woman near the front window.

6:22 Young couple next to us leaves their table

6:26 Gold chandeliers hang from the ceiling, accompanied by spinning fans. Individual candles light each table.

6:28 Father feeds little baby boy food from across the table

At the same time a young boy gets up from the table and comes around to sit on his mom’s lap.

6:29 The noise of rattling dishes emerges from the kitchen.

6:30 Middle aged woman by window sprinkles pepper onto her salad.

6:32 Father and toddler aged girl are seated. He asks her before sitting down, “Can I take off your coat for you?” A booster seat is delivered for the child and the dad places it on chair

6:32 Waitress clears off the table of the young couple that was next to us

6:32 Dad smells little girl’s butt before putting her in the booster seat.

6:33 Family of four arrives and sits diagonal towards us.

6:34 Little girl in booster seat starts to color with a pink crayon; a cup with other colors rests to the side.

6:36 Waitress takes drink order from family of four.

6:38 Dad takes his sweatshirt off while talking to baby girl and then puts a bib on her

6:40 A server delivers a small glass full of extra maraschino cherries delivered to young girl for her Shirley Temple.

6: 43 The Blazer game is over, and they won 98-90 against Philadelphia

6:45 Two friends discuss a coupon for Market of Choice

6:50 Two little kids and their dad enter restaurant and pull chairs over to join mom and friends. The little boy yells “Momma!” He sits down on her lap and starts to eat her french fries.

6:51 Couple discusses where they want to sit. The girl asks “Or do you want that table way over there?”

6:52 Adult man stops to check Blazer highlights before leaving room

6:55 Adult woman twirls her black hair while talking to her friend

6:56 Dishes clanking together, talking, music and laughter continue

6:57 Two college aged guys discuss basketball scores, AND one says “Charlotte, 65, 113.”

A little later one tells his friend, “Just try and find a steak.”

7:02 Young girl with family chows down on her corn dog

7:04 Adult man takes a phone call and leaves table, returns seconds later.

7:04 Mom and young son take a seat at a table. She brushes his blonde hair back with her hand while he plays with small toy dinosaurs. Boy continues to play with toys while waiter takes their order.

7:07 Young woman sits down at a table near us. Appears she is waiting for someone else. She is continually checking her phone and looking around the room. She makes a phone call and says, “Hey, are there two sides to this place? I think I am in the wrong place.”

7:09 The waiting woman asks the waitress, “Is this the restaurant part?” She order some wine, King Estate Pinot Grigio

7:12 Server ask us what we are working on so we explain to her the assignment and she says that it sounds interesting

7:17 “Hey, guess what. It is your lucky night. It is dollar off wine night,” the waiting woman says to her friend as she approaches the table. The two of them discuss friends they see across the restaurant

7:21 The two girl friends continue talking. One of them says to the other, “So should I assume when someone comes over it is going to be a quicky?”

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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