Observing Amazon:

1.07 pm – Found a bench (slightly wet) in front of Sundance market.
1.08 pm –Take out a note pad and turning off the iPod. A man is stepping out from the store with a drink, a purple can?
1.11 pm –A big white truck is pulling in at the driveway, naming on the side “Bread something Co.”
1.13 pm –It is raining, very cold
1.17 pm –The bread man comes out of the truck carrying boxes of bread, now walking into the store. Estimated age: 34
1.19 pm –An old lady is picking up a newspaper from the newspaper booth, while another lady (estimated age 26) is grabbing her greenish bike.
1.22 pm –A couple is parking their bikes in front of the store; the guy is taking the bike spot of the lady with the greenish bike who had just left.
1.23 pm –An old lady is carrying a big grocery bag, walking towards her car, a Toyota with rusty a plate.
1.25 pm –Kanyapak is playing with the smoke from her mouth due to this very cold weather.
1.26 pm – A couple with beanies of matching color (black) is walking out from the store with food, which looks like fruit salad.
1.29 pm –Kids standing at the traffic area with no umbrellas, are waiting to cross the street.
1.31 pm –Three people with North Face jackets are entering the store, two boys and one girl; blonde, blonde, and blonde
1.32 pm –It is still raining
1.33 pm –The bread man is leaving the store, and now walking back to the truck.
1.36 pm –A couple with dreadlocks, one with a beanie, one with a headband is walking past the store, across to the other side of the shopping area (both has facial piercings).
1.38 pm – An orange cab drove past
1.39 pm – Switching on iPod
1.42 pm – A red wagon leaves the parking lot
1.43 pm – An old man with a walking stick, dressed in rugged pants and brown leather shoes is 3m from I am sitting, simply just standing there looking around.
1.45 pm – The same old man is now starting to move, walking closer and closer towards the bench with a very weird eyeing movement. Personal emotion: slightly scared but still keeping the calm studious look.
1.46 pm – The old man walks past the market entrance door and continues to walk towards the left side of the area.
1.48 pm – Two cars are pulling in, old BMW, and a white Acura
1.50 pm – I am hungry, thinking about lunch.
1.53 pm – A lady with a black shirt and a green apron is walking out of the store.
1.55 pm – It is still raining, very depressing sky (as always)
1.58 pm – A man with tight stretchy bike clothing is parking his bike in front of the store. He took off his sunglasses (it’s not even sunny) and now walking into Sundance.
1.59 pm –The lady with green apron is walking back to the store.
2.00 pm – Kanyapak grabs her things and leaves for a late lunch.

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