Sunrise Asian Food Market

As Susie and I enter the Sunrise Asian Food Market the first thing I notice is that they have a huge selection of foods, and all of the packaging is really colorful. The manager, a friendly older man with a big smile on his face, greets us almost immediately. He sees our notebooks and asks if we’re working on a project of some sort; we tell him we’re in a reporting class and promise that we’ll give his store a good review. He says the store has 10,000 items so far and carries many brands of Indonesian, Korean, Pakistani, and Japanese products.

We hear a loud drilling noise, and discover it’s because they’re working on the produce section of the store. I notice the bins of fruits and vegetables including onions, bananas and limes that would normally be in this section instead lined up along the sides of one of the aisles.

The store is very well lit and has a deli in the back that sells sushi and noodle dishes. There is a huge selection of seaweed – seasoned, roasted, dried – in one aisle, along with lots of sauces and variations of tamari.

Tons of candy and yummy-looking cookies are spread throughout the store. I see a little girl in this aisle, maybe 4 years old, with braided black hair who seems to be unsuccessfully begging her mother for some cookies in a language I don’t understand (maybe Chinese?). I come across Pocky, little bread sticks dipped in chocolate that they used to sell in the Grab ‘N’ Go in the dorms my freshman year. I got so excited, I had to buy a package. The goodie came in lots of variations, and I was confused to see that one of them was Pocky: Men’s. I’m not sure how bread dipped in chocolate can be gender-specific, but apparently it can be. There’s nothing better than a manly snack!

I am impressed by some large bottles of sake, one that cost about $100, and across from them I come across some little glass bobble head figurines in the form of panda bears, koalas, babies and even pitbulls.

Towards the back of the store, I see some huge bags of Philippine style wheat noodles and some gigantic plastic colanders on the floor (I’m assuming to drain all of that pasta in).

Sunrise has a great variety of products and you’re bound to find pretty much any cooking supplies you could need here, from bulk bags of salt to sushi dishes. I definitely recommend it!

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