Where the People At?

Friday afternoons are calm and peaceful in Southeast Eugene; not really any commotion in the gray neighborhood.  I walked by the vacant Eastside Elementary School and Kincaid City Park searching the place for anyone outside.  One kid, who must have still been in high school, walked by in a tie dye shirt and an angry face.  I didn’t dare talk to him.

The cloudy sky and slight rain drops that were too small for me to need an umbrella but big enough to frizz my hair, complimented the deserted neighborhood giving it a creepy ghost-town feel.  To escape the feeling that i was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, I walked to one of the only shopping centers in all of Southeast Eugene – The Hideaway Bakery, Mazzi’s, and The Old Pad.

The Hideaway Bakery had its usual guests – families with small children, eating organic food, looking annoyed as I hovered over their meal with my notebook and curious eyes.  Couldn’t talk to them.  And the nice Italian restaurant, Mazzi’s, didn’t open till five, so no one was there.  I took a walk over to an empty Old Pad.   Two bartenders, zero customers.

Scouting the abandonded neighborhood after what seemed like forever, I decided to leave the neighborhood and return to civilization.  Maybe I’ll come back at five to catch the “crowd.”

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