Observation Hour

January 21, 2010

·          Arrive at Hideaway Bakery

·          Lots of people sitting outside

·          Middle aged people

·          Drinking coffee

·          One student doing Chemistry homework 11:37

·          Listening to person’s conversation, but unable to hear because of old man coughing

·          “You can take that to go if you can’t eat it all”

·          “What time is it?” talking about how his friend is late 11:40

·          These people are young, maybe late 20s

·          Thanking Davis for lunch

·          Leaving, one man has a Bluetooth

·          Saying bye to each other even though they are meeting at another place “See ya in a minute” 11:45

·          Mostly couples now that that group left

·          Elderly couple leaving now, old man has cane 11:49

·          One man by himself

·          Employee cleaning dishes from outside, taking them inside 11:51

·          Barely anyone here now

·          When we got here it was packed

·          Can hear clanking of dishes from inside (I’m outside)

·          Car pulling up, old man walks out

·          Got back into car after picking something up 11:56

·          Two women arrive 11:57

·          Their conversation is louder than others

·          Lots of laughing

·          Student studying Chemistry, stretching 12:00

·          Windy and breezy, sun fading 12:00

·          Women talking about energy  

·          Employee bringing food to the women 12:02

·          Short man walks outside

·          Mercedes rolls up 12:04

·          Two women walk outside drinking water, probably in 50s

·          Two old people come out of Mercedes and go inside 12:06

·          One person leaves, gets in car

·          Two women cleaning their table because it’s dirty, throws something in trash 12:07

·          Tall man in black walking by

·          Employee brings food out to quiet couple that’s been here a while

·          Lone old man wearing headphones brings dishes to dish station and leaves 12:20

·          Old man walks out, goes into Mercedes, then goes back inside

·          Man with long white hair in pony tail, red plaid shirt tucked in, goes inside

·          Mercedes man brings dog out of car, his wife brings another dog, one black and white-ish, other reddish-brown 12:15

·          Old women in green car rolls up, parks

·          Employee brings food to-go out to young kid

·          Loud music coming from white car with young-ish guy

·          Green car woman gets jacket out of trunk and walks inside

·          Young-ish guy leaves 12:17

·          Couple with dogs now eating, dogs begging for food

·          Short old lady walks outside with coffee 12:18

·          Loud music guy walks inside with his son

·          Green car lady leaves

·          Young kid with goofy clothes walks outside with muffin or something 12:20

·          Loud music guys’ wife shows up with baby carriage, two kids: 1 boy, 1 girl

·          Wife walks out with coffee 12:21

·          Dogs not begging anymore, just relaxing 12:22

·          Student putting on backpack, finishing coffee, putting dishes at dish station, leaving 12:22

·          Little girl talking to her dad (loud music guys) he pats her on the head 12:22

·          Employee walks outside to pick up dishes from dish station

·          Lawn mower really loud

·          Pony tail guy walks outside to grab napkin

·          Two old women get out of red car 12:24

·          Two laughing women are mysteriously gone

·          Red car ladies go inside

·          White SUV rolls up, old lady walks out

·          Girl walks inside 12:25

·          Old man with hat comes out of mini van

·          Loud music guy picks up newspaper

·          Little girl talking to family

·          Young girl leaves with coffee in hand 12:27

·          Woman puts trash in garbage

·          Little girl playing in corner, talking to herself

·          Mom holding son 12:28

·          Old man leaves in mini van

·          Black dog drooling!

·          Leaf blower very loud (in sight this time) 12:29

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