Observation Assignment – Sam Bond’s Garage

Location: Sam Bond’s Garage, Whiteaker neighborhood

Arrived 7:30 p.m. Wednesday

Atmosphere: low-key, quiet, dim lighting

Sparking snowflake lights in the window

Wooden benches and booth – rustic feel

Painting of nude man on the wall, natural colors

Smell of burgers and fried food

Bright and warm feeling

-Father gathers Dora the Explorer bag in hand, two daughters in tow

– People range from the very young (children as young as two with parents) to older people sitting and enjoying food and drinks

– Daughters play on the stage, each holding on to horse shoe door handles on the back wall – wearing tutu and crowns. Pink and sequins!

– Couple to my left (man and woman) : woman talking about working with clay

– “…want to get into mosaic”… “want to make this image with different art forms”

– Baby crying

– Worker “setting up shop” on the stage, wearing a shirt that says “it’s all about bondage”

– Two men getting dinner with a young boy, about 7

– Disco ball in the center of the ceiling, fans make a nice breeze, lit paper lanterns adorn the place

– Women hugging goodbye

– One of the same women bouncing two girls in her arms as they giggle ecstatically

– Man to my right also working from a notebook, by himself, drinking beer from a Kern’s mason jar

– Overheard: “mommy, hold me!”

– Children left with their mother; mother immediately comes back inside – forgot jacket

– Impatient boy (bouncing and not sitting still, making noises with his mouth) with father

– dad’s eating soup and salad (bar food?)

– Yellow spotlights on stage, soft glow

-Worker checks the mics repeatedly as he places them on the stage

– Women holding instruments come inside from the side door to my left

– And take the stage, warming up, testing mics and sound. Violin sounds. Guitar, bass, banjo. Sounds like folk? Bluegrass?

– Woman sitting to my right, looking at her cell phone. Drinking a PBR from the bottle, heavy black puffy jacket

– Couple to my left leave

– Lull in the bar, dull murmuring

– Two older ladies behind me, 60s. drinking small glasses of beer

– Music starts – country harmony singing

– Three men sitting together, listening to music. Two older and one younger. Beards!

– Song: “Come on do away with me”

– Lively violin

– Banjo player sings

– White twinkling lights around the interior of the stage

– Large metal bull horn adorns the top of the stage, probably 10 feet long. Over black curtains that fall and frame the sides of the stage. Ornaments and balls hanging

– Cold breeze from door to outside, people keep coming in and going out

– Song ends. Singer : “too much bass, need a little more guitar”

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