Amazon’s Bread Talk

Where do you go on a rainy day in Amazon? Humble Bagel! Amazon’s finest bagel place for nothing beats a cold, rainy, foggy, depressing day than the smell of coffee and freshly toasted bagels. Walking, drenched with rain while trying to find a place to sit down, the open sign of the bakery acted almost like a sign from heaven for I, at the speed of lighting, barged in through the humble door. A split second between outside the store and inside the store was a total juxtaposition of scenes; from cold to warm, depressing to lively, lonely to friendly, and the quiet sound of nature to the sound of conversations. It felt like I had just suddenly switched my contact lens from a bluish shade to warm/orange. Ah ha! Indeed, this is the hideout place for the locals.
I picked my table and sat down as I began to observe the atmosphere. People were talking, interacting, and bonding with each other, while at the same time enjoying the food. The store is open to serve many kinds of customers, ranging from families, students, and all the way to business people (assuming from the shirt and tie and shiny shoes). Some seemed happy and just simply catching up with friends, while some seemed to be having serious conversations. The sound of banging cutleries from kids across the room was a little frustrating at the time, but it all added up to this lively atmosphere. The workers also looked like they were enjoying their time making the bagels. Everything, as I glanced across the room, seemed almost perfect. But then, like a scratch on a CD, I stopped the motion of my glancing as I noticed, flies? In the middle of the café, there were flies, simply just hanging out, or flying, in a group-like form. It was a little bit out of frame in terms of the atmosphere, but indeed was very interesting. Perhaps the smell of coffee and bagels don’t just attract the human species, but small insects like flies also; of course, altogether to form a happy neighborhood.

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