Albee’s NY Gyros

Albee’s NY Gyros is a small restaurant on 11th avenue in the Jefferson Westside neighborhood.  Many University of Oregon students may be familiar with Albee’s  NY Dogs, the food cart in the bar triangle on the corner of Olive and Broadway. Albee’s NY Gyros still offers hot dogs with all the toppings you want, and has a well priced mediterranean menu to offer. I have been curious about this place for awhile so I decided to stop in and give it a try, and that was the best decision I have made lately.

Before I could even decide what I wanted to order Albee was handing me several samples to try. I sampled the baklava and the spanakopita, both of which were delicious. I ordered a gyro with everything on it and Albee didn’t skimp on the toppings at all. My gyro was absolutely stuffed with lamb, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, feta cheese, tzaziki and peperoncini peppers.

Besides the great food it is worth going in just to chat with Albee. He is a nice guy and he really seems to care about his customers. He doesn’t  talk your ear off, but he wants to make sure you are satisfied with everything and is quick to get  anything you need. He said “you will not leave Albee’s hungry, I guarantee that.”

Albee is proud of his place

Albee’s NY Gyros is a nice fit for the Jefferson Wesstside neighborhood. All the business owners my group has talked to have said that they get a lot of foot traffic and repeat customers, and Albee’s fits that bill. I am getting the impression that residents of Jefferson Westside really like to support their local small businesses.

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