“There’s an app for that”

There was a recent article published on The New York Times website about the immense amount of iPhone apps. An individual can choose from over 140,000 different apps, but of course as each week goes by more and more are being added. The article, “When Phones Are Just Too Smart” by Katie Hafner, says, “The average iPhone or iPod Touch owner uses 5 to 10 apps regularly.” The article goes on to talk about how the large selection makes people feel overwhelmed, but also the fun and helpfulness different apps can provide.


I really enjoyed how the article was written. Instead of just diving into the facts, the article began with an anecdote about Ms.Cua and her small selection of apps. I thought using an anecdote was a good lead because choosing an app is a personal and individual choice. Different people choose different apps for their own personal reason. The anecdote lead is a great way to draw in readers on a personal level. Instead of being more cold and strict like typical leads in a newspaper story, it allows reader to identify with the story, and hopefully, they will continue to read more of the article.

I also though the article did a good job of presenting how some people enjoy a lot of apps and others like a minimal amount. The majority of the article focuses on why people prefer to have only a few apps that they use rather than a large selection. However, the article acknowledges that there are still many people who download a large amount of apps, and like it that way. Of course, these points were supported with some interesting quotes and points. For example, one iPhone user says every night he visits the iTunes store to look at the most popular apps.

While the article still delivered the facts, it was easy to read because of the personal reasons and input. The quotes supported the facts, and it was more appealing because of the personal interest. I think this allows people to get the main idea, but not be bogged down by the, sometimes confusing, technology aspect of iPhones and apps.

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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