Notes from Humble Bagel

2:50 Order a veggie sandwich and 12 oz latte from a girl more interested in her co-worker’s story about her dad then me, the customer.

2:53 Latte made—so hot!

Two high school girls sit at the middle table sharing a muffin

Three boys ages 3-5 gets bagels with their dad. They get up to move to a bigger table.

The youngest boy meanders in circles holding one side of his bagel in each hand.

3:00 A keg? is brought in

3:04 Got my sandwich

A man with a young daughter comes in.

A service worker comes in and lends impatiently against a stool. He is wearing a blue plaid shirt with a tool belt tapping his fingers against his clipboard.

They put the toothpick diagonally in my sandwich; I nearly ate it and died.

3:05 A new worker came out to the counter to help. He seems very friendly. An elementary boy ordered a cookie. The worker asked how his day was and if he learned anything. He boy said,  “No but it was good because we got out of school early.”

Free Internet

3:07 A lot of elementary aged kids getting “after school snacks.”

Woman: looks baffled, scratching her head, looking at pastries, steps back.

Younger boy brings in bag and instrument case, the box is larger than he is

3:10 Woman still looks confused

I am sitting at a table in the room near the pastries; there is a wall with a large window into the other room where I am sitting. In the other room there are more tables. There is a girl on her computer (college aged) who keeps looking around in they same sketchy fashion as I am. She looks as though she is thinking and more distracted by the people rather than observing them though she is staring at me.

My food: I ordered a Vegetable on Garlic Garden Focaccia. It has cream cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onions and avocado. I also got a 12oz non-fat latte…. Surprisingly good. $9.30

3:11 A woman and 2 girls run in: “We are just in time!

3:13 Worker man leave

3:15 Two kids, around the age of 9 walk in talking on cell phones.

Elementary fashion: I’m not really sure

Girl’s outfit: loose leggings, socks pulled up to her mid calf, lime green plastic flats, a jean skirt over the leggings, a t-shirt, vest, knit hat, a backpack and a beach bag. What could an 11-year-old being carrying?

Two workers go around to clean up. Though only one has a broom, and the other one is following him.

3:22 The worker girl came out and picked up a bunch of kids’ backpacks and put them behind the counter. The boys have returned very confused walked around looked slightly startled that their bags have disappeared. They are laughing like it is a trick, but they still don’t have their bags.

3:24 The boys went to ask the girl working

“Have you seen any backpacks?”

“Yeah, you can’t just leave them there like that, I took them”

“Oh ok” and they walked out, without their bags.

3:26 They came back

“Can we have our bags”

“Yeah I just wasn’t going to bring them to you. And leaving them there doesn’t give any other customers a place to sit.”

Six customers in the store

23 seats in the first Two room + another room with seating

Father comes in “is there a reason why you took my son’s backpacks?”

“Yeah they were just sitting out there.”

“Oh, ok”

The young man who is working has asked every child how their day was, and told them to have a good day.

Woman comes in with stroller. She can’t open the door and it hits the stroller. No one helps.

3:30- The people who got here “just in time” have begun to have a  French lesson. “Bonsoir”

Physical Description: Mellow yellow colored walls. Many windows and a nice sky-light filling the 3ßSPELL OUT separate rooms with sun. Well they would be if it weren’t cloudy.

The room to the right of the entrance has a sign posted on the door “18 Years and older are allowed in this dining room”

Pastry case: muffins, Danishes and cookies. A wall full of bagels. There is a counter with barstools opposite the pastry case. On that wall there are posters of local events taking place.

3:35 The girls learning French have been repeating “ku”

There has been no specific smell since I arrived, unusual for a bakery. The back area has an unpleasant squeaking/turning noise,  and it smells as though something is burning.

3:43 French lesson over, they leave.

The workers have returned to clean the tables. 2 workers, 1 rag to clean the tables. The one with the rag is not just cleaning the tables but turning them and fixing the legs.

3:52 Two high-school girls sitting at the middle table about texting

“I hate when people text and ask a question and don’t use a question mark. It is a question so put a question mark,” said the girl eating a muffin.

“And some people abbreviate everything,” said the girl across the table

“Well yeah, but I write ‘lol.’”

”You need to shower, you smell bad.”

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