Dog Walkers Breaking the Law

Once again on this sunny Sunday I found myself enjoying Amazon Park, but today was different from past trips to the park. Tennis balls were flying past me left and right, mud was being splashed on my legs as little paws scampered past and even when I found a nice quiet bench in the corner I still had noses sniffing at my feet. The Amazon Dog Park; where else can people bring their dogs to get exercise while all they have to do is flick a long stick that launches a tennis ball across the grass? Both City of Eugene and Amazon Park dog rules states that dogs outside of the ‘off-lease’ zone must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet. But insides the designated area dogs are allowed to run free, as long as they are under the control of their owners voice.

For residences with dogs it is a great place to take them for social interaction and exercise. Though parts of the dog park do resemble a pond in the winter. One woman threw her a ball for her dog, the ball made a huge splash into the ground forcing the dog to practically swim through mud to locate the ball.

After all of the extensive exercise in the mud not many people want to put their mud covered dog into their car. Amazon Park has that covered. To one side there are three plastic wading pools with hoses to clean of the dogs. A woman took her german shepherd over to the pools for a bath. Instead the german shepherd decided to attack the hose forcing the water onto the owner. Now that both the woman and her dog were cleaned off the german shepherd hoped out of the wading pool into a puddle of mud and headed for the car.

While the bathing system in the park might not seem ideal in the winter, the area is no doubt a great place to let dogs run free. But four people I saw did not find it necessary to take their dogs into the “off-lease” zone, instead they decided to use the entire park as a ‘off-lease’ zone for their dogs.

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