A Place For Chocolate Enthusiasts

This week I decided to check out Euphoria Chocolate Company on the corner of Willamette street and 17th avenue.  Needless to say, this place is heaven for anybody who is a self-described “chocoholic.”

Euphoria is best known for its most popular item: chocolate truffles.  Up near the front counter are a good assortment of truffles including types such as coconut, Oreo, raspberry, hazelnut and Oregon mint, to name a few.  Customers can by these truffles individually for $2.25 a piece or in boxes.  One box of truffles goes for $3.05, two for $5.70, all the way up to 12 for $28.75.

Another interesting type of truffle that Euphoria offers is its wine truffle.  As you might surmise, these have wine mixed in with the chocolate.  I found this very interesting because I had never heard of such a combination before.  Some of the wines Euphoria uses for these truffles include pinot noir, pinot gris, berry and syrah.  Customers can buy these truffles in boxes of one kind or in boxes of assortments.  Euphoria also sells jars of its pinot noir chocolate sauce for $6.95.

With February 14 just around the corner, Euphoria already has some Valentine’s Day-themed items.  It offers chocolate lips in a variety of sizes.  There are also heart-shaped chocolates that come as white, milk, dark or peanut butter-filled.  The store also offers red- and pink-clad empty boxes and containers that you can purchase and fill with your choice of candies.  If pre-filled boxes are your style, don’t worry because Euphoria sells heart-shaped boxes filled with elegant chocolates.

Euphoria has a good selection of nut-filled chocolates (my favorite).  There are individually covered almond, pistachio, hazelnut or peanut chocolates.  There are also almond and peanut clusters that are as big as cookies.  I tried a peanut cluster and it was delicious.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a chocolate store without chocolates in the form of other fun objects.  Euphoria sells chocolates shaped as motorcycles, cats, dinosaurs and aspirin tablets, to name a few.

For those who are on a diet, Euphoria also sells sugar-free chocolate.

Euphoria makes all of its chocolates at its factory at 4090 Stewart Rd., which is near the intersection of Bertelsen road and 11th.   There are three other Euphoria Chocolate Company store locations in Eugene at the Oakway Center, Valley River Center and at the factory.

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