Southeast Eugene: Night Life Here

This was the first time for us, Jennifer, Jaimie, and me to visit our nighborhood at night. We visited to The Old Pad, a bar in Southeast Eugene. Although the door looked deserted, the inside was bright enough with sounds of basket ball game on TV. We already know that people here spend thier time on what they want to do in the afternoon. Now we notice that each peroson enjoys night time here, doing each activity in the bar.

The door of The Old Pad

To me, this might be the first time to come to an American style bar. While I know that it is fun to hung out with friends, I always hesitated to do so. That is becaue Japanese drinking style and American one are so different.

In the bar, various people had different kinds of enjoyment. People sitting a counter grab a beer, watching the basket ball game on three different screens. People in a group sitting a table had dinner with chatting. A girl sitting opposite side of the group read a book by herself. Although it was still Monday, people had a their own time for recharging their batteries for next day.

Before visiting the bar, I imagined that those places are too noisy to talk. Sounds of TV are certainly exciting for me, but my imagination disappointed me in a good meaning. Probably, weekends are different from today.

Southeast Eugene is the place to have slow time in which people can do anything what they want to do. If we need a break, I know I should come here.

About seigaohtani

Seiga Ohtani is a public relations professional based in Tokyo, Japan.
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