A Sunday Afternoon at New Day Bakery

Feeling the ups and downs of the weekend, Maddie and I departed for the Whitaker neighborhood hoping for some quality soul food from Papa’s Soul Kitchen & BBQ. To our displeasure, Papa’s wasn’t open yet. Since interviewing people last Thursday though, we had heard that the New Day Bakery came highly recommended. Less than a block away, we made the short journey to one of the best spots in the Whitaker neighborhood.

Sign outside New Day Bakery

The Whitaker neighborhood is littered with great places to grab a cup of coffee and hang. For one to survive in such a saturated market it has to have some quality that keeps customers coming back. Only spending a few moments inside, it was obvious to Maddie and me that the New Day Bakery had quite a few admirable qualities.

A large entry way greeted us as we walked through the door. We couldn’t help but gravitate towards the front counter where the menu hovered. Boasting a large chalkboard style menu with a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, New Day Bakery had no shortage of food choices. Although not initially hungry, I felt obligated to order something. Craving some French toast I couldn’t resist ordering them while Maddie ordered an omelette. We also had to order the important post-Saturday night, Sunday afternoon cup of coffee.

After ordering, we moved around the bakery enjoying its friendly demeanor. A fridge full of cheesecakes and other desserts caught our attention, while a table covered with baked goods was almost too hard to resist. Thinking we would come away with far more than just a blog entry we moved to a booth by the entrance.

Our meal came shortly after sitting down. While eating I noticed the surprisingly quiet atmosphere. Although many of the seats were taken, it felt like the place was empty. This lack of noise made for the perfect environment to recover from Saturday night. So Maddie and I sat, enjoying our meal, recovering from Saturday night.

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1 Response to A Sunday Afternoon at New Day Bakery

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Also, it has free WiFi, in case you need a spot to hang out and blog in the Whit. 🙂

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