Media Analysis

I read an article about a new proposal for land use in Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests. To call the article disturbing would be an understatement. In June, the Oregon Board of Forestry voted to increase clear cutting by 20% in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests. Not only is this bad for the forests, but many of the areas they are proposing to clear cut are in prime salmon habitat. These forests are the largest publicly owned coastal rain forest south of the Olympics, and there is no excuse for expanding clear cutting in this region that is home to some of the healthiest runs of wild fish in the country.

I found this article to be very engaging. The expansion of clear cutting on state lands is an issue that everyone in the state needs to be aware of. My favorite part of this article is the author put in a lot of information on how the reader can get personally involved with the issue. It got me thinking about the article we read about bloggers being community organizers. This article gave me a solid example of how effective blogs can be for community organizing. Thanks to the information given to me on how I can get involved I am going to be emailing forestry representatives and I want to attend the policy hearing in Salem. If any of you have a little free time, please let the Oregon Board of Forestry know that many Oregonians prefer ancient forests and wild salmon to increases in revenue for the logging industry. If you follow the link you will find a preset comment to send, but it is much more affective if you personalize it.

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