Friendly Street Market

Earlier this evening, Chelsea and I decided to check out the Friendly Street Market. I had noticed it when we walked around the neighborhood for the first time, and I thought it looked like a unique place. We didn’t want to be wandering around in a park or the streets in the dark, so the market seemed like a perfect place to get a little taste of the Friendly neighborhood. The market is a quiet and quaint location. It seems like the perfect place to pick up those last minute groceries on your way home.

Inside of the market there is a small deli section with a seating area. They offer breakfast, and an array of sandwiches, pasta, and burritos. We didn’t order any food, but it is something that I will have to do in the future. The seating area is really interesting. There are a ton of wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling. Also, on the wall there are paintings by local artists. The market definitely has that homey feeling.

Deli Section of the Market

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the market and Market of Choice. Both of the stores offer some of the same non-brand name products. There is also a section where you can by spices in bulk and make your own peanut butter. Market of Choice offers these same options, but the selection seems more fitting in the Friendly Street Market.

There were hints throughout the market that it was locally owned and cared about the community. One of the hints was the paintings by local artists. The second hint was hanging above the check out. Professional portraits of young children caught my eye as we were ending our trip. Under each photograph was a piece of paper describing the children. The photos and description are sponsored by the Heart Gallery, which helps to find children in foster care a loving family. This is something that I don’t picture chain stores doing. It shows that the market cares about the community, and realizes that a market can be more than just for shopping.

Photgraphs of Foster Children

About Susie Bartel

I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism (magazine) and minoring in multimedia.
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