Analysis of Media

Plastic surgery has always been commonplace in Hollywood.  But Heidi Montag took things too far when she got ten different procedures in one day.  People, E!News, and even are shocked at Montag’s physical transformation.

Montag is one-half of Speidi, the fame-crazed couple from The Hills, who publicly live their lives for money.  But now Montag has everyone worried because of her obsession with plastic surgery.  In 2007 Montag had some work done, a nose-job and breast implants, the usual for Hollywood wannabes.  She looked normal, but now she resembles the cat woman.   In one interview Montag said that we should be blessed because of the scientific advances that are available today.  “If Cleopatra were alive now, I’m sure she’d have triple D’s” (Daily News.)

Montag may think that she should take advantage of the science we have in the twenty-first century, but her young fans may be inclined to do the same.  The message Montag is sending to girls is that if someone makes fun of their looks – people compared Montag’s chin to Jay Leno’s – they should get plastic surgery to fix it.

Montag claims that she is not sending the wrong message to girls because she is in a different industry than they are.  Hollywood wants perfection and she is willing to risk her life for that perfection.  Montag’s  insecurity plus Hollywood’s pressures of perfection is a dangerous combination that can lead to a life searching for something that will never be there.

Montag’s “beyond obsessed” and setting a bad example for people with self-esteem issues.  I think she should see a counselor for that, not a surgeon.

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